Learning Forex can be a daunting task.

Do you know why only 10% of people trading Forex are actually successful?
It is because 90% of what traders are taught is geared towards them taking the wrong side of winning trades.

Think about it. If I wanted to make money on an investment.  Any investment, I need people to buy when I am selling and vice versa. Someone has to lose on a trade in order for someone else to win!

Forex trading is simply the exchange of money from the losers account to the winners account.

Trust me, when Goldman Sachs puts out a buy recommendation, they are actually trying to sell a stock that they no longer want.  They tell you to buy so they can sell!

So what do you do?

  • You want to make money in Forex.
  • You know there are people out there that are making a great living trading
  • You know for sure that the trading lifestyle is what you want

But how do you navigate the muddy waters when you are competing against the Harvard sharks waiting in its depths ready to attack your account like it is their first meal in weeks?

  • Find someone that knows how to trade,
  • Someone who is willing to give you honest advice,
  • And Someone that is not paid by a brokerage or some other firm with its own agenda.

I know what you are thinking because I use to wonder the same thing.  Where do I find this someone?  There are people all over the internet and robots/ea’s that claim to bring in the money month after month, yet they all seem to extremely short.

I have personally met many of the top Guru’s that are out there online selling courses.

  • Jared Martinex
  • Raghee Horner
  • Jason Kiplighter
  • Jason Fielder
  • Rob Booker

And none of these traders are as consistent as who I am about to introduce you to.  His name is Gene Miller and he is my personal mentor.  He is the very reason I trade today and that I am successful.

I met Gene Miller in a coffee shop in Scottsdale, AZ. I had just started to learn Forex and I saw this older gentlemen sitting in a corner looking at charts on his laptop. When I approached him asked what he was looking at and his response was, “A banking a program.” He said it in a tone of “get away kid you are bothering me.” I retorted with,”I am sure I can sit here, look over your shoulder, and eventually I will figure it out.  I mean I know financial charts when I see them.” From then on Gene Miller has always been there to help guide me to being the successful trader I am today. 

Although Gene does not sell a course he gets energized by teaching people how to be successful at trading Forex.  Every night I enter his trading room (whether big or small) I am always amazed at the success his followers are having. If you want to be successful too you need to check out my interview with him.

Gene first got into trading Forex when he retired from running factories and needed something to do.  His love for math geared him into trading and then into building trading systems.